William Warmus

Investment Management

Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors is a leader in our community in offering personal financial and investment planning to individuals of all ages.  We believe the best investment management is personalized to fit each client’s goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

We ask clients to consider the following questions:

•  What are your goals?

•  What is your investment time horizon?  

•  What is your tolerance for risk?

•  Are there any special cash needs?

The process of constructing a portfolio utilizes diversification and appropriate asset allocation.  We regularly monitor client portfolios and adjust portfolios as conditions warrant.  Among other investments, we use carefully selected ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds.  We design personalized portfolios ranging from aggressive to conservative and all risk tolerances in between.  Although we think in terms of outperforming appropriate indexes, we try to do so while protecting client assets.