William Warmus

Our Approach


We are committed to working as a team to be an asset to our clients.  Using up to date market research coupled with our team’s years of experience, our primary goal is meeting each individual client’s specific needs.  We pride ourselves on following the principles we have sort forth to guide us. 



Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors is a fee only firm; this structure eliminates inherent conflicts of interest that exist when an advisor is simultaneously a salesperson for brokerage firm and an advisor to clients.  Our structure allows us to be independent and therefore to focus solely on the financial best interest of our clients.

Acting as a Fiduciary

In our role as Registered Investment Advisors we are required to act, at all times, as fiduciaries.  This means we are ethically bound to put our clients’ interests first without exception.

Providing Personalized, Dynamic and Unbiased Advice

Our mission is be proactive in communicating with clients as to better understand and adapt to their evolving needs and to deliver quality investment advice.  We believe that establishing long-term relationships with our clients enables us to build portfolios suited to their specific goals, time horizons and risk tolerances.  Our method allows us to adjust portfolios to our clients’ changing needs over time.

Emphasizing Investing for the Long Term

We encourage our clients to be long-term investors.  We select investments based on the belief of their long-term success.  As team, we believe that over a long time horizon, the market will overcome intermittent volatility and that our clients can benefit from maintaining a mutually determined asset allocation.